A supplier of power and distribution transformers, Wilson Power Solutions, has halved the time taken to test the transformers it builds each year by using a Cropico D08000 ohmmeter. The solution has made significant savings for the company.

Leeds-based Wilson Power Solutions manufactures industrial transformers up to 60 MVA (Mega Volt Ampere) for the UK and international utility market, producing more than 60 units per year.

These include amorphous metal core variants, package substations, battery chargers, switchgear and associated electrical equipment. In order to test for high resistance in the windings of its dual channel transformers during production, the company replaced a single channel tester with a Cropico D08000 ohmmeter.

Simon Wilson, Wilson Power Solutions director, said the D08000 was chosen to replace the previous tester because it offered improved flexibility. It halved the time previously taken to test the transformers.

He said: “The D08000 enables dual channel testing, making it a cost effective and functional solution for us. It’s fulfilled all expectations and has impressed with its performance in the production environment.”

The D08000 digital ohmmeter can measure and save more than 10,000 high resolution test results, along with transformer nameplate data. With its expansive memory, bright LCD screen, and concise reports from a built in printer, the D08000 is said to be one of the most advanced test instruments of its type.

It is capable of storing hundreds of files, each containing a virtually unlimited number of resistance measurements, with tap and winding details, and several fields of information about the transformer, its location, and the operator. The file manager makes this information easy to locate, open, view, and print past results.

The instrument has a 4.5 digit resolution and 0.25 per cent accuracy for precise measurement of winding resistance. Input channels have sophisticated sigma-delta D/A converters and notch filters to eliminate the effects of substation noise.
The D08000 forms part of a range of precision measurement instruments available from Cropico, which is part of the Seaward Group.