Vision gets its teeth into digital dentistry

Jan 13, 2012 | Medical Devices

Camera-based medical technology can help to improve early detection, diagnosis, treatment, archiving and training methods. An example of this involves the ace cameras from Basler which are being used to an increasing extent in digital dentistry.

The image data of the dental impression recorded intraorally with a dental scanner are converted into a 3D data model and transmitted directly online to a dental laboratory where the dentures can be modelled automatically on a fully digital basis. Alexander Temme, sales director at Basler says: “High speed is essential in this application. With 100 images per second, the ace camera ensures that the scanning operation saves times. At the same time it provides good image quality with low noise and excellent light sensitivity. This is important since not every part of the dental impression can be equally well-illuminated, but every detail is vital.”

Basler will exhibit its ace cameras later this year at VISION 2011 in Stuttgart.

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