For many years Turck Banner has been working with customers to improve efficiency in areas ranging from saving energy by using LED lighting, through to identifying areas for improvement with OEE Kits.

A large proportion of the product range can be used in projects that fall within the category of sustainability, and although as a company they are not on an “Eco Crusade”, they recognise that they can play their part in supporting the environment.

Turck Banner has started an initiative to plant more trees in 2023. The company has partnered with Trees for Life, which is dedicated to rewilding the Scottish Highlands. The target is to plant a grove of 2,023 trees in 2023!

They will plant at least one tree for every project with which they are involved, if it fits the sustainability category. Because the customer base includes everyone from the corner shop to huge multinationals, Turck Banner hasn’t set a fixed monetary criterion, i.e. one tree for every ‘x’ number of pounds.

However, the company intends to plant a tree for all of them, regardless of the size of the project. Should it exceed the target, all further donations will be used in supporting Trees for Life’s other projects.

Tony Coghlan, Managing Director of Turck Banner, said: “We have a huge amount of experience with these projects and are confident in the ROI, so it just feels right to be able to support both our customers and the environment.”