High-precision electric drives manufacturer, maxon UK & Ireland, has released a step-by-step guide to configuring the maxon easy-to-use speed (ESCON) controller.

This compact and powerful, four-quadrant PWM servo controller controls permanent magnet-activated DC motors, providing highly efficient speed and/or torque control for applications that require precision.

This guide will help instruct customers on installing the ESCON studio software, connecting the controller via USB and entering and configuring systems data such as mode of operations, current limit, speed ramp and analogue inputs and outputs.

“The ESCON controllers are small, powerful servo controllers for the highly efficient control of permanent magnet-activated DC brushed and brushless motors,” explained William Mason, Managing Director of maxon UK & Ireland. “Not only do they have a range of functionalities with digital and analogue inputs and outputs, but they are also easily configured over a USB interface using the ESCON Studio software.

“The new guide takes the configuration process one step at a time, with the help of visual aids and online support if needed. Ultimately, this will save engineers a lot of time when configuring their controller and allow them to get their systems up and running in a timely manner.”

As well as high-precision, electric drive systems and DC motors, maxon manufactures over 1.2 million speed and positioning controllers for brushed and brushless DC motors every year. The step-by-step guide can be downloaded from the maxon website and, should assistance be needed, a team of dedicated technical engineers are on hand to assist.