Staropramen, the well-known Czech beer brand, has selected Zetes’ advanced warehouse execution solution ZetesMedea, to streamline its operations and improve safety in its warehouse.

As the second largest brewery in The Czech Republic, Staropramen operates a warehouse that can see between 20-40 employees on the floor at any one time. Operations are heavily reliant on forklift trucks, transporting pallets through the warehouse to the gates and loading directly onto the trucks for delivery.

Simplified and safer warehouse operations

Previously, all the barcodes were scanned manually, with employees standing between the trucks to do so. This way of operating posed a risk to the safety of its staff, something that Staropramen wanted to address. ZetesMedea palletisation software is an advanced camera-based solution which uses machine vision technology.

As part of the implementation, Staropramen has installed cameras above its gates which capture images and scan the barcodes of every pallet being loaded onto vehicles.

Each forklift truck is equipped with a terminal that operators use to indicate how many pallets are loaded onto the fork and initiate the scan. Once the pallet has been scanned, the solution detects and validates the data and the information is instantaneously uploaded to its warehouse management system (WMS). If the data is validated, the operator can go through the gate to load the truck. 

The automated solution has removed the need for manual scanning, immediately minimising the risk to the safety of warehouse staff. The Vision software captures real-time images of each individual pallet which has improved accuracy, ensuring the right products are being loaded onto the correct truck at all times.

Matouš Kos, Warehouse Logistics Assets Manager at Pivovary Staropramen, comments: “Since implementing the solution, we have seen significant improvements in the working environment for our operators. We wanted an innovative solution that provided a simple application for our forklift operators and that’s exactly what Zetes were able to offer.  With just one click, our operators can initiate the process that allows us to monitor our pallets as they pass through the gates.

“The automated system immediately addressed and eliminated the unnecessary risk that was posed to operators who were manually scanning the barcodes, whilst also creating a more efficient way for forklifts to load pallets on to the trucks.”


For full case study on Staropramen warehouse digitalization process including objectives, solution and results, please read here.


ZetesMedea is a logistics execution system that boosts the efficiency of warehouse processes.  It drives cost-effective, error-free process execution and provides real-time visibility, integrating leading data capture technologies such as ImageID and Voice and plugging them into any WMS/ERP system.

Today’s warehouses need solutions that continually adapt to changing logistics and customer requirements without the need to replace your existing systems.

ZetesMedea enables a dramatic increase in operational efficiency, reduction in errors, increased visibility, 100% traceability whilst able to grow without needing to add additional labour.

Find out more about ZetesMedea Logistics execution here.

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