AxFlow has introduced a new brand of pump, the realax peristaltic pump. Now available in Ireland, realax peristaltic pumps reflect new thinking in peristaltic pump technology, giving end-users a wide selection of models available in the market.

Employing both shoe and roller technologies the realax pump range comprises four series, namely the APY, ISI, IP and RP. All four will be available ex-stock along with a comprehensive range of replacement hoses.

The realax APY Series is the smallest of the pumps being a roller compression peristaltic pump developed for low volume, low pressure dosing applications. Weighing just 2.2kg without drive, the six models can be used for applications including sampling and dosing in the water and sewage treatment industry, together with dosing and metering ingredients and additives in food processing, chemical processing and general manufacturing.

The five-model ISI (pictured) and six-model IP Series are roller compression pumps which meet the requirement of many pumping applications in the paints/finishings and coatings industry, food production and where applications require sludges and slurries to be transferred.

The seven-model RP Series is  said to be the work-horse of the range, a shoe compression pump designed for handling slurries, chemical products and foodstuffs.