The new Liquidyn P-Dot CT high precision micro dispensing valve from Intertronics uses dynamic dot technology for the controlled dispensing of medium to high viscosity materials such as oils, greases, adhesives, silicones, laquers, fluxes and other medical/chemical substances. The P-Dot CT accurately and reliably dispenses micro dots of even abrasive materials and features high speed non-contact jetting – making it suitable for non-planer 3D surfaces in industries such as electronics, solar energy, machine building, automotive, packaging, furniture, medical, cosmetics and food.

Explained Peter Swanson, M.D. at Intertronics: “The P-Dot CT achieves accurate volumetric dispensing with separate internal fluid and actuator zones. This design enables extremely easy changing of the wetted parts such as nozzles and dispensing needles, as well as making it easy to clean all the fluid carrying components.”

The micro dispensing valve P-Dot CT is designed for contactless dispensing of high viscosity materials and features extremely short triggering intervals (< 1ms) so that it is possible to accurately apply the smallest amounts of material over distances from 2mm to 40mm. The volume of single shots can be set from 3 to 200 nl. Thus, depending on the material, dot sizes from a minimum of 350 µm to a maximum of 2000 µm can be achieved. The separation of the fluid path from the actuator components as well as a longer tappet ensures protection of the valve system and safe operation.