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A belt conveyor is used in almost all industrial applications as soon as piece goods have to be transported without special requirements regarding their location, position or product support geometry. Products of various shapes and dimensions, packaged or unpackaged, light or heavy are possible. In addition to straight routes, courses around curves or on to another level can also be realised.

Depending on the conveyor design, total loads of up to 200 kg and speeds of up to 80 m/min are usually possible.
Factors that can influence the burden on the conveyor:
βœ”οΈΒ the weight and dimensions of the product
βœ”οΈ the route
βœ”οΈ the conveyor width
βœ”οΈ the roller diameter
βœ”οΈ the type of conveyor belt
βœ”οΈ the load bias
βœ”οΈ the load distribution
βœ”οΈ the operating mode
βœ”οΈ the environmental condition

Ambient conditions
When designing a conveyor, normal environmental conditions in production are assumed. This means indoor use at temperatures of +10Β° to +60Β° C, clean environment, usual humidity of 30 – 60% and no condensation or drops. Depending on the belt material, contact temperatures from -30 to 150Β°C are also possible.

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