T&T Precision specialises in the design & manufacture of precision solutions to customer specifications, serving industries such as Aerospace, Medical and Food and Drug sectors. This year they celebrate a successful 20 years in business.

T&T Precision was founded in 1996 by brothers Finbarr and Victor Twohig, who were interested in serving the plastics and electronics industries.

The increasing demand and expansion of the Medtech industry in Ireland resulted in T&T Precision expanding their services into the medical device industry. Focusing on the orthopaedic and neurovascular sector. T&T Precision’s skilled design engineers have decades of experience, with both orthopaedic and neurovascular components and understand the requirements and timelines of new product introductions for medical device manufacturers. These skilled engineers have experience in sample orthopaedic products, stent and catheter custom inspection and transport tooling, custom tool path generation, CAM programming and CAD design.

In 2005 T&T Precision secured international manufacturing contracts within the Aerospace industry, manufacturing and supplying precision components. T&T Precision have a proven track record in providing a high-quality service with engineers proficient in all CAD packages, which ensures seamless integrations with aerospace customers. Components that are supplied and inspected by T&T Precision include, deflector plates, turbine work holding assets, smart work stations, custom welding stations and cleaning baskets for acid baths.

In addition to this, T&T Precision successfully serve the Food and Drug manufacturing industry. The highly regulated food and drug industries require producers to meet the highest standards of excellence. T&T Precision provide stainless steel components and work in areas such as, work holding arrangements, injection moulds, cores, pick & place systems and guarding.

The plastic and moulding industry sector was the reason the Twohig brothers started their business 20 years ago. The engineering company supply both high volume repeatable components and low volume repeatable components for the plastic and moulding industry. They specialise in precision rollers, machine couplings, rubber masking tools for Surface Protection in Blasting, HA coating & Porous Coating of Medical Implants.

T&T Precision recently developed an application centre, which is an offsite, fully managed, machine validation service that reduces the risks of cross contamination, minimises downtime and maximises utilized space onsite for the client.  The application centre provides support at design for the manufacturability stage of process to ensure work holding and machining strategy is considered as part of the overall product design. They carry out machine tool selection analysis reports to ensure the best machine tool is selected when commencing your project.

T&T Precision also have a full precision design consultancy service with an experienced design engineering team that can often save you time and money by offering the best advice on your component, considering process, tolerance and predicting potential problems.

Over the last 20 years T&T Precision have seen a mountain of success, with the recent purchase of a new state of the art 32,000 square foot engineering campus, investment in a new application centre, upgrading machinery, 5 Axis simultaneous machining and developing a brand-new website. T&T Precision have developed a very loyal client base at home and abroad, over all of their service sectors. A sample of their clients include, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Dairy Gold, Stryker, Boston Scientific, Tornier, SR Technics and TRS Global Services.

T&T Precision are dedicated to understanding each client’s needs and project management requirements, in order to deliver continuous improvements and cost reductions. We work closely with clients to offer bespoke precision engineering and manufacturing solutions at every stage of a project from the simplest requirements to highly complex projects, designs and processes. T&T Precision’s main skills cover precision engineering, innovative solutions, manufacturing expertise, exceptional service, reliability and design technologies.

To contact T&T Precision call +353 21 4346886 or visit their website www.twohigprecision.com