Bergquist is now shipping its latest, highest performing, thermally conductive pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, which cures in ambient temperatures to allow fast and efficient assembly without the need for mechanical fasteners or high-temperature curing.

Bond-Ply 800 has the highest thermal conductivity of the Bond-Ply range, at 0.8W/m-K, and is ideal for attaching heat spreaders or heatsinks to assemblies like LED light engines, motor controllers, power converters, or high-performance processors. The double-sided tape has a fibreglass carrier and is tough, easy and quick to use in a production environment. The acrylic adhesive ensures high bond strength, and with thermal impedance of 0.60°C-in2/W (@50 psi) Bond-Ply 800 delivers efficient heat-transfer capability as well as extreme convenience and reliability.

The tape is available in sheet form, roll form, or as die-cut parts, and significantly reduces labour and materials costs while also helping to boost throughput by eliminating the time needed to attach mechanical fasteners or go through high-temperature curing. Two standard thicknesses are available, giving a choice of 0.127mm or 0.203mm offering low CTE, high tensile strength, and dielectric breakdown voltage of 4000V or 6000V respectively thereby ensuring robust electrical isolation.