BITO Storage Systems has taken on additional staff and developed new services to support the storage and order picking projects required by sectors emerging from the pandemic.

Executing in excess of 25 per cent more orders than last year, the Nuneaton, UK-based company has doubled the number of staff in its warehouse that serves its online web store and the online page-turn catalogue.

“Having planned on a turnover of £15m for this year, we are currently forecasting above £20m, which clearly demonstrates a significant uplift in business levels,” said Edward Hutchison, Managing Director of BITO Storage Systems.

He added: “BITO has maintained a consistent growth trend over the years but, more importantly, we make regular modest profits averaging about five per cent year-on-year. With the family-run BITO GmbH group reinvesting profits back into the business, this ensures we remain a solid, financially stable and reliable partner for our clients into the future.”

To ensure growing order volumes are fulfilled, BITO is bringing more full load deliveries into its Nuneaton hub (pictured), both for restocking the warehouse and to crossdock customer orders.

Mr Hutchison said: “BITO is shipping more consignments out of the warehouse than ever – in fact throughput has doubled, resulting in an increase from previously receiving two lorry loads of stock a week to now getting an average of four. In addition, the cut off in terms of order value that we can fulfil direct from the warehouse has doubled to around £5,000.”

Crossdocking is a new development for BITO allowing the company to, for example, send several incoming pallets of plastic containers direct to a customer’s site on local transport. In addition to reducing paperwork and speeding delivery, the customer is provided with a more precise delivery slot, making it easier for them to book in their delivery.

“We are noticing that larger companies often tend to be international themselves,” continued Mr Hutchison. “If they wish to source from a UK-based company for both domestic and cross border sites then BITO is well positioned to operate internationally on their behalf, thanks to the Group’s subsidiaries across Europe and the world. Having the facility to sell back into Europe directly, safely, legally and without VAT issues gives BITO in the UK an advantage over many other domestic suppliers.

“We have also revamped our Experience Centre showroom at Nuneaton and further developed our YouTube channel adding informative new films.”