Altus Group has received a significant new order from Exception EMS, to provide the company with a nitrogen capable, production reflow soldering system, from Rehm, Germany.

The system will be installed into the UK facility of Exception EMS, a contract electronics manufacturing solutions provider. The chosen oven is 14 zones ( 10 heating and 4 cooling), the size and modular design will cater to any demands that the company receives from its wide customer base, and will offer the most reliable and repeatable soldering results, currently available in the market today.

Matt Jones, Altus Group Sales Director said: “Working in a whole range of different markets, Exception EMS required an oven which was both flexible and had the capability to meet diverse manufacturing requirements. Rehm Vision XS Nitro was selected as the best fit to operate in the mid-range to high-end production in PCB assembly. Nitrogen soldering capability also gives the company extra capability for those very demanding soldering applications

Jiri Kucera, Engineering Manager of Exception EMS said: “We have selected Rehm as our new company wide supplier of reflow equipment as we felt their technology and systems design best suited our varied needs and would deliver a very reliable and repeatable process over many years. Rehm’s solutions for flux management, power and nitrogen control, plus a good local support from Altus, were the major factors in our selection process and our final decision. Altus helped us to define our objectives and needs to find the best match for our soldering requirements, and worked with us throughout the whole decision process. We expect to work closely as partners with Rehm and Altus for other equipment needs in the future.”