Power and automation company utilizes communications platform from Kepware to monitor data center assets

Kepware Technologies, a software development company focused on communications for automation, announced that ABB has integrated KEPServerEX with its Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solution, Decathlon for Data Centers. ABB utilizes Kepware’s robust and reliable communications platform to expand connectivity and data visibility to data center assets, including legacy devices and IT equipment.

Decathlon for Data Centers is the only DCIM system that provides controls to automate both workflow and physical infrastructure processes. By leveraging KEPServerEX, the DCIM platform expands its reach to a multitude of devices and systems. This enables organizations to see a single data set from multiple sources within the data center, reducing the opportunity for calculation errors and providing a single, real-time operation environment for the data center.

“ABB Decathlon for Data Centers is selected for some of the world’s biggest data center projects because of its reputation as a leading, all-encompassing, and reliable solution,” said Eric Olson, Data Center Project Specialist, ABB. “KEPServerEX is a key component of our product strategy because it helps us accelerate our ability to interface with a multitude of ever-expanding infrastructure systems and their applications. This helps us bring our customers new capabilities faster, while continually expanding the depth and breadth of visibility across their organizations, so that they can make more informed business decisions today and into the future.”

One of North America’s largest insurance companies is using Decathlon with KEPServerEX to manage all building, power, and IT systems across five of its data centers that account for a combined 20+ megawatts of energy. They expect to improve their understanding of day-to-day operations and capacity planning, which will allow them to extend the life of their existing data centers.

“As the demand for data continues to increase due to the Internet of Things and more data-hungry applications, the need for a data center infrastructure that can handle that growth becomes increasingly apparent,” said Patrick Gilligan, Key Accounts, Kepware. “With ABB Decathlon for Data Centers, Kepware has a trusted solution to recommend to our customers encountering this need.”

M.A.C. Solutions is the preferred distributor for Kepware in the UK and an Authorized Reseller in France.

For additional information about the implementation, please read the complete case study here.