Cognex has launched the new DataMan 300 fixed mount reader, designed to read the most challenging 1D linear barcodes and 2D Data Matrix codes for indexed or high-speed lines. The addition of liquid lens optics allows any DataMan 300 reader to be easily upgraded from fixed focus to autofocus.

DataMan readers use the most advanced code reading algorithms. 1DMax+™ uses patent-pending Hotbars™ technology that can locate and extract code data faster and more accurately than any other system. The 2DMax+™ algorithm provides superior reading performance on damaged and poorly marked 2-D codes on both stationary and high speed lines.

For presentation reading, tote scanning and small-package sorting applications, the liquid lens can be configured to dynamically sweep through the full focal range of the optics to find and read barcodes over a wide range of working distances.

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